Back on Track!

Well, I must say I have hit A LOT of delays one after another since I had to leave the farm. My living situation has been… a nightmare, if I am honest. Only today have I finally found a space to set up a computer and a work space to get back to making donation prizes. Because of funding, space, and other additional issues my initial campaign had to be intensely streamlined. I no longer have a lot of choices for prizes or a lot of tiers. I just can’t do that much. Still, I have great hope it’ll catch on and I am planning on launching it in about two weeks time. This will be a defining moment in my life. Can I get enough people to believe in me? Can I start an educational farm on my own? I have never felt so energized, so optimistic, so much like I am on the right path and doing what needs to be done for me and my life. Already I have met some wonderful people, gone to some amazing places, and I continue to learn every day.

As I sit here now I still play in the dirt and have a little garden going. My corn is growing luscious and wild and right behind them the beans, peas, squash, and strawberries are just as eagerly growing. I have a lot more out there waiting to catch on but I believe they are now that we are finally getting hot weather!

My ideas for the tiny home and educational farm grow by the day as I come across new ideas and make many more of my own. I feel as if I am walking on air as of late. It is going to be wonderful and touch so many lives in such a positive way. Everything that has ever happened in my life – the good, the bad, the ugly has brought me here to this exact point in time for a reason and the reason is going to be huge.

I look forward to the day I am back where I belong, surrounded by nature, livestock, and fascinating people. I ache to be back not only on the farm but within an artistic crowd. My spirit leaps with joy every morning as I get up and my mind whirls with new things to do. This farm isn’t the only thing I am working on… no, it goes so much further. As an artist I am starting to stretch my wings, as an individual I am finding my surprisingly booming voice, and as soul I am reconnecting with the light. And as all this is going down I am still traveling so feel free to join me on my little adventures on Catching Marbles!

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