Belgian Hare Woes

It took me over two years to find a wife for Max, the Belgian Hare I sort of ended up with out of freakish happenstance. I had no idea they were so hard to find! Or that they were nearly extinct… or that the show breeders who maintained the last ones were fiercely hard to find and even fiercely harder to convince you needed another Belgian Hare.

Freya, the wife in question, literally traveled from CA to a breeder in DC and then came up here to lovable New England after said breeder decided to lessen her herd. She was in the van that was supposed to deliver for for over a week past the point she was supposed to be. As I pulled out hair and bit my nails hoping that she wasn’t just an imaginary bunny she eventually showed up in a van which billowed with a funny smelling smoke when the doors flung open. She was in a cat carrier, driven mad by confinement, and I was given a pair of leather gloves to get her out – the sort of leather gloves you’d use to wrangle a rabid badger.

We took things slowly… really slowly… but within a couple weeks Freya settled in and became a total diva, just loving her new home, and to a lesser extent myself (she adores my dearest far more than me but that’s OK!) So we started building a nursery cage upstairs, where Max runs free, and we were excited to let them meet. The cage is currently only one tier but we’re planning on adding a second tier soon and perhaps even a third someday. Below are photos of its construction…


So what did Max do when I brought him the wife I’d promised him for two years? Nothing! Not a thing! He seemed more concerned with pretending the new cage wasn’t in the room! Eventually I was able to get him to sit next to the cage where he shook like a chihuahua before skittering away. Currently he’s hiding in the other bedroom, peering across the hallway at the cage. Apparently Freya is terrifying. Sigh. Guess we’ll keep taking it slow… and maybe someday… someday in the future… we can have little Maxlettes running around…


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