The Big but not Bad Update Entry

I’ve been very bad with keeping this updated but a lot of great stuff is happening here on the farm! First we got our official website set up at complete with our DIY logo created by my dearest.


Secondly we are in the process of getting our farm to be officially registered as a business with the town. We’ve submitted all sorts of paperwork and will need the approval of our neighbors.  A public hearing will be instated and we’re really crossing our fingers it all goes well.

We finally got all our birds in breeding pens and they’re not happy about it! Most went on an egg laying strike but it didn’t much matter as I was waiting to be sure the right rooster tagged them anyway. The Dorkings and Brabanters have been set up for a month now. I am getting 6-8 eggs from the Dorkings a day and about three from the Brabanters a day.

I have filled our incubator with eggs – barnyard mixes, Brabanters, Dorkings, Miniature silver appleyards, runner ducks, and two batches of eggs I bought to add to our flock – Barnevelders and Mill Fleur Leghorns. This is our first large hatch – around 100 possible chicks and ducklings and it’ll be our first batch we’ll be vaccinating for Marek’s.

2016-03-13 23.25.15

Sadly we had to rehome Jade – the pit bull mix we rescued from Death Row. I tried and tried and tried to work with her but everything I did she’d find a way to sabotage it. She was far too excitable around the chickens and refused to calm down enough to be near them. I even raised a few to adulthood in the house hoping it’d help. She was fine with them in the house…. outside she’d be back to going nuts. So I tried keeping her in an adjoining pasture when I was working out in the barn. She learned to escape this and wandered the neighborhood – having no real desire to come back when called. Then I tried keeping her on a long lead. She somehow managed to hogtie herself in a matter of seconds and spent the next minute hysterically screaming until I got her out. I also couldn’t have her outside, even within fences, without having her leashed or having a sharp eye on her because if she felt I wasn’t paying direct attention to her she’d escape and wander off. So she spent most of her life in the crate… it wasn’t a good situation. We rehomed her with a family that promised to fix her but she acted too weird around their small child for them to trust. Eventually she ended up with someone who worked at a popular doggie daycare. She now spends her days there. It’s been a great ending for a pretty sad situation.

2015-09-02 17.46.55

And finally, in celebratory news, after TWO YEARS of searching we finally found Max, our free range Belgian Hare, a wife!! I paid more for this bunny than most people spend on a pedigreed goat. She came to me via a land shipper who was late by a whole freakin’ week! She was thoroughly insane from being in a cat carrier that long. We’ve named her Freya and she’s in quarantine until she gets to meet Max. In the meanwhile we’re working to litterbox train her and get her accustomed to us so she can run around the house cage free. We’re looking forward to helping preserve this nearly extinct bunny breed which has brought us so much joy.

2016-03-12 19.15.11

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