Plans for Spring Hatching

Well, we will be setting everyone up in breeding pens this weekend if all goes right which means in a few weeks we will be collecting eggs for hatching of the following breeds:

Gold Brabanter


Silver Gray Dorking

Dorking Mafia

Heritage Rhode Island Red (Rose-Comb)

2016-01-31 10.35.21.jpg

Silver Penciled Rocks


Cream Legbars

2015-11-15 14.37.50.jpg

Seramas (frizzled and smooth)

2016-01-13 13.44.40.jpg

Experimental Sex-Links (RIR X Dorking – these may end up being project birds in an attempt to add mahogany color and larger size into the Dorkings or they may just end up sex-linked layers. We shall see.)

Dorking Cornish Cross (Supposed to be good meat birds, may also be sex-linked… theoretically.)

White Laced Red Cornish (When they get back to laying, all have gone broody!)

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