Cornish Chickens Showing Off Their Humor

I must admit I love Cornish – they’re just so intelligent, curious, and dare I say mischievous? I think I do.

While my Brabanters continue to freak out over everything my Cornish are exceptionally calm, despite a reputation to the contrary! Every day I pick up a rooster and a hen from each breed to make sure everyone is growing OK. The Cornish come to me, they like being picked up because then they get a bird’s eye view¬†of what’s going on. The Brabanters… need a hefty dose of sedative in their water to act normal. In fact I heard one of them attempt to crow and the rest of the flock hit the deck running at the pitiful noise. You can bet this makes them hard to catch every day. And as I run around trying to catch them who is at my feet? All the Cornish, staring up at me, pecking my sneakers, looking at the Brabanters as if they’re off their gourd.

My big rooster, Rags, is getting to old to like cuddles. He squawks his malcontent but he’ll still sit at my feet, Petunia too. Here are some photos. In the first they’re posing as eagles – Rags to the right, Petunia to the left.


Petunia investigates the flashy thing – A Brabanter suddenly has the courage to follow…


Petunia again…


And again… she’s gathered more followers…


And finally did you know Cornish roosters double as fluffy velociraptors?


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