Another Round of Culling with the Brabanters

The Brabanters have been… an adventure to say the least. My original plan was to buy 100 chicks and cull them heavy and hard and keep the best. I thought at best I’d end up with 25 birds, at worse, maybe 15. However I had no idea what I was looking for. So far it’s come down to this:


15 died in the first four days from stress-induced diarrhea

1 had scissorbeak (or some other beak deformity)

1 had a gimpy leg

13 were cream colored

35 were lacking beards, ear tufts, head crests, or a combination thereof – something I could have told a lot sooner if I had any idea what I was looking for! These are now being sold off.

That’s 66 culls and 34 that are still in the running! Although the cull number will go up as soon as they start growing in combs and wattles which I am told can be insanely wonky or oversized. Now I am hoping for a decent trio at the worst and I believe 15 will be the most I could potentially end up with. Of course this does mean I will need to expand the gene pool somehow… so I will likely have to buy another 100 chicks and start over again!

In any event here is a photo of some of the culls…

IMG_0101 IMG_0092

In contrast here are some of the ones sill currently in the might-be-OK-to-breed pen…

IMG_0120 IMG_0138

This one has WAY too much black on him but what a beard!!


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