New Babies!

While my laying hens were breaking their latest record (18 eggs in one day!) Fredo’s progeny started to hatch! I heard peeping for hours before I saw a crack in the first egg. The second one beat the first by popping out of its shell in less than half an hour. I didn’t even see it crack. It was if a chick had just suddenly appeared. I don’t know what the rush was to get out but I was impressed!

Today three hatched. Two of them have feathered feet like their father. I do not know yet if this means they are pure Brahmas, born of the Brahma hens, or are someone else’s chicks sporting a dominant gene from their father. I will have to look into this. I can say that one is white/yellow with black spots on its head, a second is much like the first but red, and a third is white/yellow with an odd partial chipmunk pattern and eye liner. I am hoping this means it is the progeny of one of my dark Cornish who wore the same look at their age. The Cornish are my favorites and one of my Cornish dears mixed with the amicably pugnacious Alfredo? Now that would be a hen to reckon with…

The fattest one is also the slowest to learn…anything… I would be shocked if this were not the retarded child of one of the Orpingtons. Instead of walking it just flails it’s legs wildly and violently and lands on its back. It’s not an issue of illness, its an issue of balance, coordination, and the realization that you do not kick as hard as you can to walk!

I look forward to tomorrow and have other news to post as well but I think it’ll have to wait for now. Here are some photos of the hatching and the chicks… In this first photo you can see the newly hatched chick as well as an egg above him with a prominent crack – labored upon for hours.

Here’s the first asleep as I hold it…


And here everyone is dry and fluffy, sleeping in a heap.


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