Plans for the Seramas

Currently I am toying with what I want to do with the Seramas. Despite the fact that my original pair has continued to lay eggs I have been unable to hatch any more of them out since Mighty and Whitey back in September. It’s sad and quite disheartening. Mighty is getting mature and I just don’t need another rooster, especially one with a weird crooked beak. He’s lived inside all winter and I have posted him on Craigslist trying to find him a pet home. He’s a real sweetheart.

In the meantime I am contemplating bringing the trio in from the shed and into the house as they are nearing six months of age and if I can convince them its Spring maybe I can get some eggs out of the two hens. I also want to introduce them to Whitey (who I’ve renamed Hera.) I think the easiest way to do that is to throw them all into a new environment that none are familiar with. That way there’s less likely to be territorial issues as there usually are when 3 or less hens are involved. 

I still have eggs in the incubator, though I have no real hope they’ll hatch. I have more hope that the trio is as broody as their mothers. Then I won’t have to deal with the incubator. We shall see! Here’s a few photos of Mighty. I’m going to try and do a photo shoot of the others soon. Caesar, the trio’s rooster, is stunning. His two hens are not far behind. I am very impressed with their coloration!





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