Serama Updates

Well my two miracle Serama chicks are doing wonderfully. In fact they are both weighing in at 1.2 ounces today. They were 0.7 and 0.8 at hatching. I  have also been weighing the eggs in the incubator and have learned that they vary by one tenth of an ounce depending on humidity levels. Perhaps I solved the mystery of why they gain weight with age – they absorb more water? They will be old enough to candle in two days. I cannot wait. meanwhile the chicks have full wing feathers now and they are insane. I actually saw the white one leap into the air and karate chop the black one’s head. I couldn’t tell you why but it was funny. They’re also getting in their little tail feathers and when they hold them upright t just makes them so cute! I am guessing the little white one might turn out to be some sort of mottled partridge color but its a bit soon to tell. I just realized my black rooster might carry the elusive chocolate gene and I must say that prospect sounds delightful. I have been reading up on the gene as well as dun which can look like chocolate but breeds differently. I think my little black chick might end up with feathers in the same pattern as his fluff, a little black and white penguin chicken! (I’m sure they’re not called penguins though!)  I can’t wait to see what the other eggs turn out to be. These little guys are like skittles, popping out in all different colors. I find it so fascinating.


Also Caesar finally let me take a good photo of him. He looks more gorgeous by the day. He’s got a lot more orange around his tail feathers than he did and his hackles (neck feathers) and turning a lovely blonde. Apparently there is only one breed where this calico color is being pioneered. I find that strange as its sooo pretty.


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