Our First Hatchling!

Well, I can’t believe I am even writing this entry. After I cracked open the first batch of eggs and found them quite literally cooked (they appeared almost soft boiled) I didn’t think batch #2 had any hope as they were in the incubator at the same time and had been experiencing additional wild temperature fluctuations as my incubator continued to loose its mind. My boyfriend moved the incubator out of the room so I could prime and paint the walls and I must say I didn’t bother to do anything with the eggs from there – believing they were dead. For a week I did not turn them – which is a big no-no. They get stuck to their shells when you don’t turn them and then they usually die because ripping off the shell also rips off their skin. To my horror I heard peeping coming from the incubator last night. I felt horrible – believing that I’d just raised an egg to hatching just to watch the chick die because of my neglect. I looked in the incubator, picked up the eggs to see which one was peeping (another no no as at that point you’re just making the chick’s hatching that much harder moving its position!) One was peeping, three were heavy. I left it alone.

This morning I looked into the incubator which was no longer peeping and was bracing myself for the worst. I was absolutely shocked to see a live chick sleeping in a corner completely out of its egg with only the tiniest bit of shell stuck to it. I picked it up, soaked off the tiny piece of shell with some warm water and placed it under a heat lamp with food and water. Its a tough little chickie but its  going to have to learn how to eat, drink, and survive on its own. Though there are two more heavy eggs they aren’t as heavy and its really iffy they’ll hatch but I’ll keep checking in today.


Here are some quick photos I snapped. I wanted to show how truly tiny this little one is so I placed it next to a matchbox car for size comparison. Funny enough I struggled this morning to find a bowl it couldn’t drown in – I settled on a milk bottle cap from a glass jug. The food bowl is a margarine container cover and I had to sift the food and give it the powder at the bottom as I believe its too small to eat the crumbles! I’m amused it has the same markings as a penguin…



Stay tuned as I am hoping to take some photos of the rest of the flock very soon. My other Serama youngsters are getting very pretty and colorful and my heavy breed layers are growing so big and fast! It’s weird they remain the same size for a week or two and in one burst they’re suddenly twice the size!

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