Day 2 – Observations and News

Unfortunately I am starting out today with a little sad news, our little Polish chick did not make it. I fed her electrolytes but I think she was too far gone when I got her. She may have been overwhelmed by being surrounded by much larger chicks. I sort of mistakenly figured all chicks must be roughly around the same size – apparently not! So we’re two chicks down, both Polish, though bizarrely there still seems to be a mystery chick. It looks like the partridge rocks but it has feathered feet. I looked through chick photos and think it might be a dark Brahma. Maybe they screwed up my order and I got a dark Brahma mixed in with the lights? Or maybe she’s my mystery chick and I misidentified the first dead one? I don’t know. I’m a bit confused.

In any event the rest of the chicks are doing fantastic! They are huge. I swear you can see them grow as you sit there and watch them. Many are sprouting wing feathers and have fully packed gullets. I thought they’d poop more as my mother gave me the impression that’s all they do. Their cage will be cleaned out today but its not as nasty as I thought it’d be, maybe partially because the little brats won’t stop pecking at everything – including their own poop. BLECH.

They are starting to show personalities. The mystery chick and the cornish are by far the pushiest and most daring. When they want to get into the big cuddle ball they either bulldoze right through or body-surf until the get to the middle. They’re absolutely crazy. The enormous orpingtons just let them get away with this even though they’re big enough to defend themselves! They’ve stopped sitting in the water dish too, finally figuring out how to drink out of it while their body stays firmly on the dry bedding outside the water bowl. They’ve also learned how to run and wow are they fast little buggars!

Fish took out four chicks this morning to play with for a few minutes before work. Our cat Special came by to see what was going on so we decided to play with him a bit. He’s a funny cat and doesn’t know quite what to think of the chicks – running for cover when one of them decided to peck his ear and nose. Fish tried to get a photo of Special wearing a chick on his head with his cell phone. I’ll see if I can steal it later. I apologize for the background of these photos. We’re renovating our room so it looks pretty bare-bones at the moment.





I didn’t think I would be as amused by the feathered feet as I am!

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